Rise Of The Sultans 2

Understand the tournament and Round Robin by ViZrd:

The Rise of the Sultans is our attempt at helping find the best leaders in India, but at while allowing near beginners to play in a tournament setting with the Pro players leading them.

Rules and Regulations

There are two categories of players (as decided by the players while registering themselves);

1) Sultans (Pro Players)  and

2) Sipahi (Not-Yet-Pro-Players).


Tournament Format:

Preliminary Round 1 (for Sultans):

A round robin tournament to choose the top TWO to play against each other in the finals.

1v1 – Best of Three Games – Random Civs

Game 1: Mega Random

Game 2: Game 1 Losers Home Map

Game 3: Game 1 Winners Home Map

The scheduling will be done once registration is complete. Each player will have to play atleast one set of games per week (details below).

Game Settings:

Map Style :
Location : MegaRandom + Home Maps
Map Size :
Difficulty :
Resources :
Population :
Game Speed :
Reveal Map :
Starting Age :
Victory :

Preliminary Round 1 (for Sipahiyo):

Exhibition 4v4 games, for the Finalist Sultans to choose their team mates (1+3). (Six ‘Sipahiyo’ chosen, three each).

(Random Everything. Probably. Tournament Administrators’ decision, based on how much fun the players can have.)

The scheduling will be done once registration is complete.


4 v 4 – Best of Three Games – Random Civs


Sultan1 + 3 Sipahiyo chosen by Sultan1,


Sultan2 + 3 Sipahiyo chosen by Sultan2.


Game One: Mega Random

Game Two:  Home Map of Game One Loser.

Game Three: Home Map of Game One Winner.


Seeding process:

For both Sultans and Sipahiyo, Random Seeding will be used.

Scoring for Sultans’ RoundRobin :

*For the seeding stage, every won game is worth one point. The two players with the most points will advance to the next round. if two players have the same amount of points, the result of their direct duel will be the decisive factor. In case of a three way tie, the amount of points in the direct duell of all 3 players matters. If there’s still no decision, the best K/D Ratio out of all played games will made the decision (one game, the best will count).The scores will be self-reported by the two players, and a link to the Voobly game/match will be submitted, for verification, if reqd.If you would like to know more information on seeding process or any other information please contact the tournament administrator.

Scheduling for Sultans’ RoundRobin : 

Once Registration is complete, the “required” schedule will be put up. These dates will indicate the deadlines for the players to finish each set of games. They will be scheduled such that each player plays one set of games a week (1v1, best of three). If both players agree, they can finish their games earlier than the scheduled week (in the interest of availability). Schedules to be decided at least a week in advance to allow for various casters/streamers to prepare adequately.

If the game is not played by the deadline, both players get no points.

Tournament Administrator may award points to one of the players, if the other player doesn’t show up.

If there is a scheduling issue between any two players, please make sure to bring it to the tournament administrator’s notice at least a week in advance, to help resolve it.

AOE 2 Version:

Age Of Conquerors Only.

Map Pool for Home Maps:

Random Maps (Original+AOC):

  • Arabia
  • Archipelago
  • Arena
  • Baltic
  • Black Forest
  • Coastal
  • Continental
  • Fortress
  • Ghost Lake
  • Gold Rush
  • Highland
  • Islands
  • Mediterranean
  • Migration
  • Mongolia
  • Nomad
  • Oasis
  • Rivers
  • Salt Marsh
  • Scandinavia
  • Team Islands
  • Yucatán





  • V1.5 Beta r5 (by UserPatch)
  • Allied Vision (by Justin)


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