Introducing: New Website for AoE India Community


Welcome to the official website for the Indian Community of AOE players, launched to the public on Republic Day, the 26th of January, 2018.

The Website was sponsored by the Casters of the first Tournament we held as a community, namely, ViZrd, Wildlin_89, and KTGOZone. The website was developed by Adxy, and ViZrd, with many inputs on the content by the members of the “organising committee”, Dorje, PonyBN, KTGOZone, Wildling_89 and SriniMama.

This website hopes to be the base to build our community with, giving us a common place to meet, find each other, and play! While there are a lot of ideas we have yet to implement, we’re extremely glad to announce the launch of “version 0.0”. This is to get us off the ground, and allow us a little more freedom in terms of organisation.

We have many Site features that are currently active:
1) Tournaments Page

Lists all the tournaments that are currently active or that have already been conducted. Allows for registration to the different tournaments from one place.

2) Individual Tournament pages.

Each Tournament will have a page of it’s own, with details about the Rules, Settings, and other tournament format details, along with a registration form for interested players.

3) Forum

A forum for the discussions of various things, AOE. This requires login, which can be done through any Social Media Account.

4) Blogs

A dedicated spot for AOE research! This is where we can put up articles discussing various things within the Game, the game play, strategies, tutorials, GameDataAnalysis etc.

5) Announcements

All community wide announcements is up front and centre.

6) Calendar of Events

All the community related events that are tied to the Calendar. This is to help us, and you, schedules your games and tournaments. Or have your secretary look at it and schedule everything for you.

7) Lots of “Backend” work

Setting up of various things, that will eventually be launched to the public, and helps in the smooth running of the Website over the long run.

There are a lot of ideas that we have, that are in the process of being implemented. We hope you’ll hang out with us long enough to find out.
Register for a tournament, write up an articles, or start a discussion in the Official Indian Age Of Empires Community Website. 

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