Round of 32: bit_junky vs _karishma_

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    Wildling_ 89

    This is the scheduling thread for Round of 32: bit_junky vs _karishma_
    The deadline to schedule the match is Wednesday, 15th May 11:59 pm IST. The games must be played by Sunday, 20th May 11:59 pm IST.

    Best of 3 games series.
    G1:- Arabia
    G2:- Home map of G1 loser
    G3:- Home map of G1 winner

    Draft system:
    bit_junky will be Player A and _karishma_ will be player B. The map draft will take place in the voobly lobby itself. Players must then use the KoI Ro32/16 draft available on for the civ picks. Player A will host the civ draft. The civ bans will again, take place in the lobby itself. Players are advised to keep a file with the list of maps in the map pool for reference during the draft.

    Map draft: Players first ban 2 maps each from the map pool in the format: ABBA and then pick one map each in the format BA.
    Civ Draft: Players pick 5 different civs each in the format: ABBAABBAAB. Players then ban 2 civs each for the opponent in the format: BAAB.

    Please consider that the draft will take 10-15 minutes while scheduling your match.

    First player to schedule must list their available times during the week. The second player, then must choose the most suitable time from the offered time windows. Players are expected to participate actively in scheduling to help keep up with the timeline of the tournament. Unwillingness to schedule the games may result in an admin loss and will be noted for future events.

    Player A: Hi, I can play weekdays (except Thursday) 19 IST to 22 IST and weekends from 10 IST to 21 IST.
    Player B: Saturday 17 IST?
    Player A: Ok, confirmed!

    Good luck and have fun!

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    Salman Anjum
    Salman Anjum

    Hey @_karishma_, can you play tomorrow afternoon?

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    amit gautam
    amit gautam

    Friday office party h, bro saturday after 10 pm or Sunday after 2 pm… 7974641691 wats app number for frequent messages.

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    amit gautam
    amit gautam

    ohh ” The games must be played by Sunday, 20th May 11:59 pm IST. ” Saturday fix karte h after 8 pm??

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    Roggan Wololo
    Roggan Wololo

    Bump to junky

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    Salman Anjum
    Salman Anjum

    Saturday 8 pm confirmed

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