Announcing Indo-French War 2

We are proud to announce a clan war between two communities: AoE II India and AoC France. This is a second clan war, with AoC France winning the first one 4-2 in a best of 7 series.

It will be a 3v3, best of 7 games series, and will involve some of the best players within the two communities. The settings are as follows:

Restarts: Two restarts available for every team, can be called before 6 mins game time.


Game 1: Arabia
Game 2: Loser from game 1 Home Map
Game 3: Winner from game 1 Home Map
Game 4: Arabia
Game 5: Loser from game 4 Home Map
Game 6: Winner from game 4 Home Map
Game 7: Arabia

Civilisation settings: All games will be played with random civilisations

Games will be streamed on the following channels: (French) (English)

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