AoE India: It's just not a game - more of a community and religion.

We are the fastest growing Age of Empires community in India founded in December 2017. Our main motto is to reach as many as Indians locally, globally and develop an active community that never sleeps. We have an active organisation that consistently host several tournaments all around the year and also take part in training new people and help with technical issues.

For a long time the whole Indian AoE community was asleep, but things have changed a lot and the community is back in action again. Within a short span the community grew from 10-150 members on Facebook and about 20-30 active members on Voobly/Steam daily basis.  Our main motto is to reach as many as we can and find the hidden talents of AoE in India.  Even if you are a beginner do not worry, we have several 1.9K rated players who are willing to offer their help in training new members and produce more 2K players from India.

We have some of the most enthusiastic players of Age of Empires community and we are sure that we love this game! We will be organising various tournaments regularly to keep the community alive with a lot of features in the website such as Blogs, Discussion Forums, Voobly India Ladder and a lot more.


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